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Flat Earth Snow "Globe"
  • Flat Earth Snow "Globe"
  • Flat Earth Snow "Globe"

Flat Earth Snow "Globe"

Wake up, sheeple

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Flat Earth Snow "Globe"
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  • A scientifically accurate replica of planet Earth
  • In snow globe form, of course
  • Or snow map, rather
  • The Earth is flat, don’t argue with us
  • Snow is also apparently massive in this flat alternate universe


This is a snow globe of the Earth, a tiny replica of how our planet looks in the solar system. Shake it to see the snow flutter down from the atmospheric dome, exactly the same way real snow falls in real life. Onto the flat ground. Even into the flat sea.

What? That’s what the Earth looks like. That’s how it works. At least according to the Modern Flat Earth Society, anyway. And who are we uneducated sheeple to suggest otherwise?

The burden of proof lies with the ones making the claim. The innocent flat earthers are just observing the natural flatness of the Earth, while you lot CLAIM we live on a sphere.

Whatever is next? Suggesting that everyone should have harmless vaccines to prevent the spread of deadly diseases? You lot probably think humans have walked on the moon. Disgusting.

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