Flashflight Nightflyer Jr.
  • Flashflight Nightflyer Jr.

Flashflight Nightflyer Jr.

Frisbee in the dark

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    The glowing LEDs will light up your game of frisbee

    We were about to begin this by saying that flying discs come in all shapes and sizes. But thinking about it, they don't really, do they? Ever since some bored baker picked up an empty pie tin in the back yard of the Frisbee Pie Company, the basic shape of everyone's favourite flying disc has hardly changed at all - and that was well over 100 years ago. That's because the flying disc is pretty perfect as it is. Changing it would be like redesigning the wheel. So how do you improve a design classic and give it a 21st century makeover without spoiling the basic concept? Simple - you secrete a tiny low profile battery inside, install a few fibre-optic channels, finish off with an ultrabright LED and Robert's your mother's brother.

    The truly spectacular Flashflight Nightflyer Jr employs cutting-edge technology to achieve its ethereal radiance, and is so stunning as it soars through the night sky we wouldn't be surprised if Danny Dyer turned up to investigate. The Flashflight looks, feels and flies just like a regular flying disc and, thanks to the aforementioned ultra-high brightness LEDs and fibre optic channels, can also be used at night.

    4 versions/colours available

    4 versions available (from left to right): Blue, Green, Red and Disc-O (colour changing!)

    This isn't some blink-and-you'll-miss-it, fly-by-night plaything. The Flashflight is visible from all angles because all disc surfaces are illuminated - the top deck glows, there's a radiant array on the concave underside and there are nine laser-like dots on the perimeter of the rim. It really does look like something that's escaped from Area 51 by way of a radioactive supernova. The Flashflight is great for early evening fun and games as well as pitch black parties al fresco. And the danger of getting a faceful of disc due to lack of light is seriously slim at any hour.

    night juggling

    A great evenings entertainment

    The teeny lithium batteries lasts for up to 120 hours - a lot of playing time - and can easily be replaced without the use of tools. Better still, the Flashflight is water-resistant and the contacts are stainless steel, so you can play come day, night, rain or shine. You could even take it on holiday and play in the sea as it also floats. Just make sure there are no oil tankers passing - the Flashflight is so bright it could well be mistaken for some newfangled light house.

    This literally brilliant flying plaything really is the greatest innovation to hit discdom in over a century. Never again will you have to cut short your chuck around, game of Ultimate or round of Disc Golf just because the sun has gone down. So don't be afraid of the dark - give it a spin.

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