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Flash Stash Keyring Torch
  • Flash Stash Keyring Torch

Flash Stash Keyring Torch

Light on funds?

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    This 7cm long torch is the
    perfect size for your keyring

    Running out of money sucks. Just ask Nokia. More realistically, ask anyone who’s woken up in a taxi minus their wallet. Failing that, ask anyone whose card has been eaten by the cashpoint, or anyone who’s underestimated the price of that final round. Weirdly, these things always seem to happen at night. That’s why we all need the Flash Stash Keychain.

    Simple but ludicrously smart, this unobtrusive little keyring-friendly torch has been created to store emergency funds. Simply unscrew the capsule, wrap your note(s) around its internal stainless steel CashClip and hey presto – a secret stash of emergency cash. Assuming you don’t lose your keys you’ll never get caught short again.

    Yes, we suppose you could shove a pony in your sock or a tenner where the sun don’t shine, but the Flash Stash Keychain is so much more convenient, not to mention hygienic. Plus we doubt your underwear is made of aircraft grade aluminium. And unless you’re reading this from the care home, it’s probably not waterproof either. Thankfully this sturdy little life-saver is both, so next time you fall into the sea from 39,000ft you’ll be able to buy your rescuers some nuts to go with their shandy.


    You can also fit a fiver in there
    if you don't have a £20 note!

    The inexplicably inexpensive Flash Stash (try saying that with a bellyload of beer and a pocketful of lint) is one of the greatest investments you’re ever likely to make. What’s more it makes a stonking gift, especially if you pop a bit of cash inside. If that’s too much of a stretch you can always shove in an IOU. Result!

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