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Safety first

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    Press the top orange button for LED torch settings

    Backpacking around the globe is all well and good but safety should always come first. In fact safety should be your number one priority on any kind of trip, whether you're camping, hiking, boating or mountaineering. (Of course mountaineers are into Firebox).


    LED torch

    That's why we believe the ingenious 3-in-1 FlareSafe is destined to become an essential travelling companion for all you safety-conscious, off-the-beaten-track-types. Because as well as functioning as a powerful LED torch, this revolutionary device is also an optical smoke detector and a distress alarm. Clever, eh?

    The FlareSafe's torch comprises four ultra-bright, long-life LEDs and boasts three settings: full beam, half beam (for reading) and an SOS strobe beam. With its focused 20m beam and 2km rescue visibility, the FlareSafe is the only torch you'll ever need. It's brilliant. Literally.


    Twist to reveal the smoke detector

    Ideal for use in hostels, tents, boats and caravans, the FlareSafe's smoke alarm function is armed via a quick twist. The second the sensor detects smoke, a siren sounds and the torch light automatically turns on. This really is a great feature as we all know how much naughty backpackers and festival fans love fiddling around with fires, matches and other incendiary devices. What's more, many countries' safety precautions are slightly - how can we put it? - lax, so you can sleep tight, safe in the knowledge the FlareSafe is on hand to wake you up if danger comes a-knocking.

    To activate/deactivate SOS distress alarm:


    Press both orange buttons

    Distress alarm activates

    Twist top to open and deactivate alarm

    Last, but by no means least, this multi-purpose must-have features an ear-splitting SOS/distress alarm, which can be heard up to 500m away for over 60 hours. Assailants won't know what's hit 'em! Simply push the two buttons on the body of the FlareSafe and cover your lugholes. It also has an IPX6 rating meaning that although it's not 100% waterproof, it will withstand rain and even seaspray, lashing against it.*

    Made from military-grade plastics, the rugged FlareSafe weighs in at a rucksack-friendly 230g and is powered by 2xAA batteries and a lithium back-up battery, so you really can take it anywhere; and take it you should because emergencies can strike anytime, anyplace. Don't just be safe, be FlareSafe.

    *Only if the smoke detector is not in use.

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