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Flamingo Snow Globe
  • Flamingo Snow Globe
  • Flamingo Snow Globe

Flamingo Snow Globe

Flip the bird

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  • Guaranteed to make you feel really, really happy
  • Fabulous pink and glittery blizzard
  • Insanely hypnotic
  • The only snow globe that's acceptable to own outside of the festive season


What's smooth, pink, and makes you really happy when you shake it? The Flamingo Snow Globe!

A pair of flamingos stood nonchalantly in a pond, or is that blue cupcake icing? Who cares – the pink and glittery blizzard that surrounds them is hypnotically joyous.

Who'd have thought a snow globe could give off such tropical vibes?

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  • "Amazing gift! You can't see the inside bottom but its blue. Good quality."
    Alex - 5th of June, 2018