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Flamingo Heated Neck Warmer
  • Flamingo Heated Neck Warmer
  • Flamingo Heated Neck Warmer

Flamingo Heated Neck Warmer

Hot bird

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Sh*t Hot right now
  • Warm your weary neck and shoulders with a curvaceous flamingo
  • Heats up in the microwave in mere minutes, stays warm for hours
  • Filled with natural grains that emit a soothing lavender scent
  • The perfect companion for long wintry nights and poorly heated offices
  • An exotic replacement for your rubbery old hot water bottle


Ever wanted to microwave a Flamingo's head then wear it like a scarf? It's your lucky day, yer big weirdo!

The Flamingo Heated Neck Warmer heats up in just a couple of minutes and stays toasty warm for hours. Just drape this soft and curvaceous creature around your neck and revel in its warming lavender scent.

With its luxurious corduroy finish and reassuring whiff, this 100% organic neck warmer will soothe your aches and pains, and keep you cosy this winter.

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2 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "It’s a pure joy to have around my neck, keeping me not only toasty but also the most stylish person in the office. I am the envy of all."
    Beth - 26th of September, 2018
  • "Love her! She sits on me"
    Jessica - 9th of January, 2018