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Renders charcoal obsolete

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The Grill includes a FlameDisk to get you started!


    Nothing beats the flame-grilled taste of barbecued nosh. But faffing about with charcoal can be a right palaver: messy mitts, waiting for briquettes to turn white, sooty aftermath…it’s enough to put you off your hot wings. So thank goodness a boffiny bunch of blackened banger buffs (try saying that with a mouthful of meat) have created FlameDisks.


    The revolutionary FlameDisk

    These revolutionary single-use fuel discs completely incinerate the competition because they are good to go in a matter of seconds. Just drop one in the bottom of the grill, peel back the lid and light. It’s ready to cook the second the grate is hot – no lighter fluid, charcoal or gas required. Grilliant! Better still, thanks to the FlameDisk’s unique SmokerPlate, bangers and burgers are infused with that genuine flame-grilled flavour. Smokin’!

    Peeling the lid off the FlameDisk Setting the FlameDisk alight Cooking food on the bbq with the FlameDisk

    Peel off the lid...

    Set alight...

    start cooking charcoal/gas free!

    Set to revolutionise the way you sizzle your sausages al fresco, eco-friendly FlameDisks utilise solidified ethanol technology to provide at least 40 minutes grilling time. And get this: they are cool to the touch just five minutes after the fuel is spent. Simply remove the aluminium shell from your grill and chuck it in the recycling bin. Treehuggers rejoice!

    The Grill

    Placing the FlameDisk in the grill FlameDisk Grill FlameDisk Grill

    Perfect fit for the FlameDisk

    Grill Carry Bag

    Carry Bag for the grill

    Speaking of grills, you can use FlameDisks in your existing barbecue (assuming its pan is at least 24cm x 24cm) or buy the accompanying FlameDisk Barbecue Grill for the perfect fit. It’s the ultimate lean green grilling machine.

    Just think, armed with a few of these supremely portable fuel cells you can say goodbye to soot, ash and dangerous hot coals and concentrate on scoffing the bestest bangers in barbecuedom. All you need now is some decent weather, a few hungry friends and a mountain of meat. Pass the sauce.

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