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For Cunning Linguists

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  • It's Balderdash spliced with the 'Urban Dictionary'
  • Score points by guessing the correct meaning of obscene terms
  • Or by fooling others with your own repulsive definitions
  • Get a revealing insight into your friends dirty imaginations
  • As vulgar as it is educational
  • Find out what a 'Zamboner', 'Gunt' and 'Cucumber Sundae' are


If the likes of 'Cards Against Humanity' and the newly-released Bucket of Doom have wet your appetite for more adult card games, ripe with deviance and profanity; your dirty little prayers have been answered – we present to you the latest games cupboard essential F**ktionary.

The oldest player goes first, draws a card and reads the term (but not the definition) aloud to the group. There's over 300 cards and they're a lively blend of:
  • Slang dictionary classics – Dutch Rudder, Red Rocket, Mushroom Tattoo...
  • Fruity medical language – Brachioproctic, Dartos, Maschalation...
  • Vulgar terminology – Monroe Transfer, Screwnicorn, Turkish Delight, Chug Nuts...
They've even slipped in some rather suggestive red herrings (e.g. Acromphalus) to expose how twisted your friends really are.

The other players write down their imaginative and plausible definitions on pieces of paper and hand them back to the card-reader who throws the real meaning into the mix and then reads the whole lot aloud. You score points by guessing the correct definition or by fooling others into voting for your own repugnant answers.

It's a salacious party game that rewards filthy and creative minds alike, but it's also educational* and provides a disturbing insight into the perverted brains of your fellow players.

*if you yearn to vastly expand your vocabulary and accumulate hundreds of sexually-deviant ideas

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