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Fizz SodaStream

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    Close up of the digital screen

    Choose how fizzy you want your pop!

    Back in the 80s, the SodaStream was the kitchen essential, and homes were bought and sold on the strength of the “Stylish SodaStream Space” (80s estate agents-speak) in kitchens all over the land. It was a dealbreaker. This modern marvel meant you could take simple tap water and turn it into scrumptious soda in loadsa flavours, some more bizarre than others. Gremlin Juice anyone? But, there was a delicate science to this simple appliance, and a touch too much Co2 left you with a tasteless, carbon-loaded concoction, whilst add too much syrup, and you’d be gulping down a sickly sweet concentrate. Well, the solution to the complex fizz/flavour conundrum is here, in the shape of the new Fizz SodaStream!

    Close up of Soda being made

    Make some lip-smacking soda!

    The incredible Fizz SodaStream drinks maker is equipped with Fizz Chip technology, which lets you choose how bubbly you want your beverage, from a faint fizz to a powerful pop, via the clever digital display. You can also check how much Co2 you have left in the cylinder, essential for keeping the all-important fizz in your flavoursome soda.

    Available in chilli red, white or black, the Fizz SodaStream will look classy in any kitchen, and is stupendously easy to use. Simply pour tap water into the glass bottle, add your favourite flavour and use the Fizz Chip to control the level of exact effervescence. The Co2 cylinder in your Fizz SodaStream will last for yonks, so you can keep on making lip-smacking soda and experimenting with an array of flavours.

    Chilli Red White Black

    Chilli Red



    Great for kids, adults and carbon control freaks (you know who you are) the Fizz SodaStream will keep all fizzy drinks fans happy, plus you’ll be spending less on supermarket pop and reducing waste of those nasty plastic bottles. Soda fans, what are you waiting for, get fizzy!

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