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Fizz Cup
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Fizz Cup

A cup of fizzy, sloppy, loveliness

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    The Fizz Cup

    Squeeze to please!

    Slurping down ice cream mixed with fizzy pop has got to be one of life's greatest pleasures. In terms of quintessential summer pastimes it's right up there with lolloping in the sun, splashing about in a paddling pool and driving your '58 Chevy to the drive-in. Or is it just us that finds ice cream sodas incredibly '50s?

    The Fizz Cup

    Pop in a straw (optional - but awesome)

    Screw on The Fizz Cup

    Add some ice cream (we like vanilla)

    The Fizz Cup

    Mmm... floaty!

    We digress. The point is, ice cream sodas rock. Unfortunately making one can be a bit messy, especially if you're out and about. Enter (accompanied by a crackly burst of Ramalamadingdong) the ingenious Fizz Cup. This take-anywhere plastic gizmo lets you make delicious ice cream sodas in seconds - no visit to the pop stand required.

    The Fizz Cup

    Give the bottle a gentle squeeeeeze

    Marvel at the floaty goodness

    And off you go!

    The Fizz Cup

    Palm perfect!

    Just cram the reusable cup with ice cream, bung on the lid, twist the entire shebang onto any plastic pop bottle and squeeze. The soda then whooshes up through the Fizz Cup's funnel (you can also use a straw if you like) and mixes with all that lovely ice cream. It's like a creamy volcano of sweet, bubbly yumminess!

    You can then drink your lush creation through the Fizz Cup's special sippable spout or scoop it out with a spoon. Mmm...fizzy ice cream, and none of that spilling/slopping nonsense caused by the old 'floating blob' effect.

    The Fizz Cup

    Cool retro design

    Better still, because this nifty device keeps the ice cream separated from the drink, it allows you to mix only the desired amount, so you can drink your soda on its own or just wolf down the ice cream and keep the rest fresh for later.

    For that genuine Happy Days/American Graffiti vibe we recommend using root beer or cola, but fizzy orange and lemonade work just as well. You can also make smoothies using yoghurt and juice, or snow cones with crushed ice and flavoured syrup. The possibilities are endless. We even saw some leather-clad rock 'n' rollers slurping on beer floats outside the Firebox Prom. All together now: 'I got chills, they're multiplying.'

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