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Fitbit Zip
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Fitbit Zip

Weigh in on your fitness

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    lifestyle clip

    Simply clips onto your clothing

    With the Fitbit Zip you get your very own personal trainer, dietician, lifestyle coach and motivational guru at your beck and call, 24/7. Clip it to your clothing and it logs all of your daily activity and motivates you to beat the bulge and stay fit.

    Then it will automatically upload all of this data to your free and private account, which is when the Fitbit Zip really comes into its own. Fill in your personal details and it’ll help you to work out your BMI, set fitness goals and even manage your diet. Keep it updated with the meals and snacks you’ve eaten and it’ll give you up-to-the-minute diet and exercise advice, helping you reach your goals.

    Available in four funky colours:





    update lifestyle

    Keep your calorie count up-to-date

    Totally mobile friendly, you don’t even need a computer, and the all-new App is available on iOS and Android, so everyone gets to stay fit! It’ll also synch up with other Apps, like MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper, Lose It!, Endomondo and Microsoft Health Vault.

    So what are you weighting (sorry) for? For the same cost as a few hours with a fitness instructor, you could have access to all the advice you need to reach your ideal fitness and stay there.

    Plus, if you’re looking for greater control and enhanced monitoring, check out the mighty Fitbit One.

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