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Fitbit Ultra
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Fitbit Ultra

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    The screen shows 6 pieces of information about your days activity

    Getting fit used to mean cutting out the cake and jogging until our bottom stopped wobbling. But thanks to the Fitbit Ultra we can all carry a personal trainer, dietician, lifestyle coach and motivational guru with us 24/7. And all inside a gadget no bigger than a packet of chewing gum.

    Clipped to your pocket or belt, the Fitbit Ultra logs all of your activity over the course of the day. An advanced accelerometer tracks the number of steps you’ve taken, stairs you’ve climbed, miles you’ve run and calories you’ve burned. You can even wear it at night to track your sleep pattern!


    Clips tightly onto your pocket

    Online dashboard

    Upload your data to your private Fitbit account


    As small as a pack of chewing gum!

    Preloaded with all of your personal settings, it’ll even notice when you’ve been sitting still for too long. Which of course, won’t do at all. If it thinks you’re slacking, Fitbit will chirpily keep you on the fitness wagon with a series of messages on its glowing screen. Including ‘vamos’, 'start moving', 'come on' and more, it’s all the motivation you need to stretch your legs and get your heart pumping again.

    iPhone app

    Keep track on the move

    Colours available

    Two colours available (From L-R): Plum and Blue


    Charges via the included USB dock

    All of which is terribly handy. But the real magic happens when you upload all of this data to Saved on your private account, you can track your activity over days, weeks and months. Fill in your personal details and it’ll help you to work out your BMI, set fitness goals and even manage your diet. Keep it updated with the meals and snacks you’ve eaten and it’ll advise if you need fewer or more calories per day to reach your goals. ‘Another peanut butter sandwich, you say? Don’t mind if I do...'



    The easy-to-use dashboard online helps you to access all sorts of important data in an instant. Download the Fitbit app to your iPhone or apple gadget and you can keep track of these details on the move. It’ll even synchronise with similar apps and programs that you use, like RunKeeper, Lose It!, Endomondo and Microsoft Health Vault. Fitbit now even has it's own Android App, Apple-bashers rejoice!

    But listen to us harping on... if you had a Fitbit right now it would be merrily reminding you to do some star jumps or eat a banana (possibly). So what are you waiting for? For the same cost as a few hours with a fitness instructor, you could have access to all the advice you need to reach your ideal fitness and stay there. Vamos!

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