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Fitbit Charge

Get Energised

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  • Track steps, distance, calories-burned, floors climbed and more
  • Monitor sleep automatically and set yourself silent alarms
  • See incoming call notifications right on your wrist
  • Bright OLED display shows daily stats, exercise mode and the time
  • Water resistant up to 10 metres
  • Industry leading battery life – lasts 7-10 days
  • More effective than an ex-military jerk shouting at you for hours


Motivating yourself to keep fit is hard, particularly after a lengthy Christmas of gorging on luxuriant roasts and piling in the mince pies. A flaky New Years resolution isn't going to be enough; you need to recruit a personal trainer, dietician and sleep therapist – luckily the Fitbit Charge is all three, wrapped comfortably around your wrist.

This stylish and unpretentious fitness tracker monitors your activity all day (and night), measuring steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes.

Not content to be outdone by the recent surge of 'smartwatch' hype; the Fitbit Charge has pinched their best selling-point and is now the first fitness tracker to display incoming caller ID right on your wrist. Unwanted phone call interrupting your personal best? No chance.

Everyone knows that staying healthy is also dependant on a quality night's rest, which is why the Fitbit Charge keeps track of your forty winks as well having a silent vibrating alarm function so you're not jolted awake by a deafening alarm clock.

This clever device wirelessly syncs your stats to your computer and smartphone, letting you view your progress as beautifully detailed graphs and charts. Monitor your workouts, keep a monthly exercise calendar, share and compete with friends, even log your food intake with your phone's barcode scanner.

Get energised and kick your fitness up a gear with the Fitbit Charge.

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