Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scales
  • Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scales

Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scales

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    White version of the Fitbit Aria WiFi Body Scales

    White version

    Do you like running around the park like a loon with your Fitbit Ultra strap on? Just finished a session pumping iron like an angry teenage Schwarzenegger? Maybe you’re just looking for a better way to chart your progress in the ‘battle of the bulge’? Well prepare to go deep, feel the burn and get even more minute detail on every aspect of your body’s performance with the Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scales.

    The newest impressively talented member of the Fitbit family, the Aria Smart Scales seamlessly gets along with its siblings, but plays very well with others too. These scales will measure your weight, and by sending a small (and harmless) electrical pulse through your body; will also track your body/fat ratio. When combined with the Fitbit’s existing exercise, sleep and diet tracking you’ve got access to the most complete fitness program available outside of a super-gymnasium run by an army of genius fitness-doctors from the future.

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    Sleek design

    The elegant ‘floating’ glass surface is reassuringly solid, while the moulded plastic base is slim enough to ensure that the Fitbit Aria will blend stylishly into any bathroom. The vaguely 1970’s wallpaper themed geometric design on top hides a host of clever technology; including four load-cells for precise weight measurement and ITO electrodes for bioimpedance analysis, aka measuring your body fat ratio, aka how many cheeseburgers you had last night.

    The Aria Smart Scales automatically upload this information to the Fitbit website via WiFi; where it is easily accessible from your PC or smartphone. Once it’s uploaded, your data will be collated and presented in various historical and highly intuitive graphs. What’s more, Fitbit offers a host of rewards badges and social sharing options to give you that extra nudge towards a healthier lifestyle.

    So, if you’re looking for a complete fitness tracking system to monitor every subtle shift in your six-pack; or you just want some encouragement to get off the couch and out of that muumuu, the Fitbit Aria Smart Scales will help you weigh in on the matter.

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