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Fisheye2 Camera
  • Fisheye2 Camera

Fisheye2 Camera

A warped view of the world

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    View from above the Fisheye 2 Camera

    Top of snaps!

    Capture extreme scenes and impossible images on the Fisheye2 Camera – Lomo’s latest 35mm camera with a built in fisheye lens. Boasting an incredible 170 degree field of vision, the Fisheye2 will snap huge panoramic views or wonderfully-warped close-ups – compacting the whole scene into a circular image.

    Following fan demands for yet more features after the launch of the Fisheye Compact Camera, this updated model has an additional Hotshoe flash and "Bulb” setting for long-exposure shots. In this mode, the shutter will remain open as long as your finger is on the shutter button. This makes for much sharper night-time images or out of this world effects. What’s more, the Multiple Exposure (MX) switch lets you shoot more than one image on the same frame – combine these features at your googly-eyed peril!

    Example photo of long exposure

    Create amazing photos

    The premium glass optics allow for super-rich colour and high contrast. Plus, an additional perk to this lens is that each picture shows massive depth of field, so your subject and background will all be in sharp focus. You can even shoot in low light levels, the built-in flash making sure your unwitting subjects are always well lit.

    So whether you’re warping faces, shooting sports, or capturing entire rooms in one circular snap, this cool gadget is sure to liven up any photo album.

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