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Fisheye Pro Lens
  • Fisheye Pro Lens

Fisheye Pro Lens

Let’s do the face warp again

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    Attach lens with the magnetic ring

    When cameras first began appearing on mobile phones, they were about as useful as a sherbert toothbrush. Skip forward a few years though, and they’re everyone’s go-to gadget for snapping on the move. No longer are we spoiling the lining of our trousers with cumbersome digital cameras – we have all the tech we need on our mobiles. Or do we?

    Well, serious photographers will tell you there’s more to taking a picture than pointing and clicking. Just look at all the different lenses that you can buy for DSLR cameras. Well, they may not have the Mega Pixels, but in the fancy lens department phone cameras are quickly catching up. Just take the Fisheye Pro Lens.

    Magnetic ring close up

    Ring attaches to most mobiles

    No bigger than a pencil sharpener, this handy gadget will fit over the lens of almost any mobile camera – giving your photos a stunning fisheye effect. What do you mean you’ve never seen a fisheye photograph? Of course you have! They’re the super wide angle shots that make landscapes look enormous and close-ups of your face brilliantly warped.

    Just stick the metal ring around your phone’s lens and pop on the magnetic Fisheye Pro Lens. Then have a play! You’ll be amazed at the effect such a small lens can have on your photos. And when you’re finished, simply pop it off and keep it in your pocket – leaving your phone just as sleek as it always was. That’s another one in the eye for DSLR cameras.

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