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Fisher-Price Retro Classics
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Fisher-Price Retro Classics

Memories are made of…plastic

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    Classic Fisher-Price

    If you're old enough to remember the carefree days of Play Away, Trumpton, Pinky and Perky, Derek Griffiths, Pipkins and looking through the arched window, you'll know that once upon a time, Fisher-Price ruled the world. Well they did in terms of making charming pre-school toys.

    Engaging, educational and delightfully whimsical, Fisher-Price's nursery toys entertained a whole generation of curious whippersnappers, so thank goodness they're back in the shape of these re-issued Retro Classics to delight and entertain a new generation of kids.
    The Teaching Clock and TV Fisher-Price Retro Classics

    L-R: Teaching Clock and Two Tune TV Music Box

    Built to last and just as enchanting as you remember, each memory-jogging plastic classic even comes in retro packaging - it's just like being whizzed back to the late 60s, only you won't have to intersperse playtime with crummy black and white episodes of Andy Pandy.

    Animation of the TV working

    'London Bridge is falling down' and 'Row, row, row your boat'.

    Whether you choose the Chatter Telephone, Teaching Clock or the Two Tune TV Music Box, you can be sure little ones will be completely bowled over by these colourful playthings. After all, most Fisher-Price classics were designed during the era of peace, love and understanding. And that's more than can be said of today's toys.

    Created with little hands in mind, these stimulating toys are brilliant gifts for kids whose parents can't stop waffling on about the good old days. In fact, even if you haven't got children, Fisher-Price Retro Classics are pretty iconic collectables for any toy fan in the know. And no matter how old you are, we guarantee you'll be unable to resist making a few 'calls' on the Chatter Telephone and singing along to Row, Row, Row Your Boat via the Two Tune TV Music Box. All together now, 'Row, ro…erm, hello boss.'

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