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Fisher Price Apptivity Case
  • Fisher Price Apptivity Case

Fisher Price Apptivity Case

Don’t call me, baby

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    Baby playing with toy

    Protects your Apple device whilst letting your baby play and learn

    Ask any new parent – you can buy all the fancy toys in the world, but nothing appeals to a baby like shiny car keys or your mobile phone. iPhones especially. What makes these such baby magnets? We have no idea, but now there’s a way to protect your precious gadget while Junior’s busy deleting your emails.

    The Fisher Price Apptivity Case looks like a typical baby-friendly toy with its durable rubber case, mirrored back, easy-grasp handles and rattle beads on either side. But where this toy trumps the rest is that it will actually hold and, crucially, protect your iPhone while your baby plays with it. Simply slot it in place and lock the case closed (the iPhone, not your baby), protecting it from knocks, bumps, spills and sticky fingers.

    Fisher Price Apptivity Case

    Download the free Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn App from iTunes

    And if you’re still worried about your baby inadvertently calling Zimbabwe or buying tickets to the Wiggles on Ice, just launch one of Fisher Price’s Laugh & Learn Apps. There are all sorts to choose from with colourful, fun and educational games that’ll keep them entertained for hours. With so many to choose from, the Apptivity Case is the high-tech toy that’s different every time they play with it. And it’ll keep their mind off pinching the car keys.

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