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FishEYE iPhone Cover
  • FishEYE iPhone Cover

FishEYE iPhone Cover

Snapper’s delight

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    Changes your iPhone photos into crazy Fisheye style photos!

    Making even the dullest scene look like an eye-popping extreme sports video, the FishEYE iPhone Cover gives you an incredible 160° view of the world. Great for taking in enormous panoramas, huge crowd-shots, or making your mate’s nose look massive.

    Wonderfully unnecessary, but incredibly good fun, the kit comes with a slim protective case for your iPhone 4. The fisheye lens easily screws into the socket around the iPhone’s lens, letting you knock out crazy snaps or mind-bending videos at a moment’s notice. What’s more, when you’re not using the fisheye lens, the non-slip case is durable enough to protect your mobile from knocks and bumps.

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