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Fish Guts Pencil Case
  • Fish Guts Pencil Case
  • Fish Guts Pencil Case
  • Fish Guts Pencil Case

Fish Guts Pencil Case

A load of pollocks

Product not available at the moment.
  • No use being koi, this is undeniably the best pencil case ever
  • You were prawn to buy this pencil case
  • This brill-iant case has scales on the outside and guts inside
  • We trout you'll find a better pencil case, ever
  • Buy it before salmon else does
  • Use for pencils or makeup - any fin is possible


What she order, fish filet?

Sorry about that, couldn't resist. In other news, behold the Fish Guts Pencil Case. With yummy, fresh looking scales on the outside - open him up to see his guts! That's right, this slinky pencil case splits like a filleted fish, revealing icky, revolting looking but 100% stench free guts.

There's no need to mullet over, and we sure don't mean to carp on about it, but this slinky and fantastically convenient little number is idea for stuffing with your colouring pencils, makeup, paint brushes, the hair of your ex-lover and the like.

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  • "Freaking beautiful. So many comments at work already."
    Nichola - 3rd of June, 2016