First Dates: The Game
  • First Dates: The Game
  • First Dates: The Game
  • First Dates: The Game
  • First Dates: The Game
  • First Dates: The Game

First Dates: The Game

That escalated quickly...

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  • Recreate the intense awkwardness of Channel 4's First Dates
  • Irresistibly fun, whether you've seen the show or not
  • Find out how much you know about your friends and loved ones
  • Split into three rounds of escalating awkwardness
  • A cheaper alternative to couples therapy
  • Another classic from the playful brains at Big Potato Games


The best part about watching Channel 4's First Dates? Witnessing the pure, unbearable awkwardness.

You're about to find out that it's not "all in the editing" because First Dates: The Game lets you recreate these excruciating moments in the comfort of your own home.

Players pair up with a pretend (or real!) date and play goes over three "courses" — starter, main and dessert — with each round of questions getting progressively more provocative. This sort of thing...

  • Who could down a pint the fastest?
  • Who has weirder parents?
  • Who is less talented?
  • Who has got the best ‘poo’ story?
  • Who has already peaked in life?
  • Who is better at faking an orgasm?
Teams gain points by guessing the same answer as each other, while the other players watch and get points by speculating on the outcomes.

It's addictively fun whether you're a fan of the show or not. And let's be honest, in what other game are you going to find out that your partner thinks you've masturbated in a more unusual place than they have?

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  • "Amazing game! "
    Emily - 11th of December, 2017