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    100% wind powered light!

    Any product with a name like Firewinder needs to be pretty darn cool. Thankfully, this decorative outdoor light is positively sub-zero as it actually visualises the wind's energy. And that's not dreamy hippy-speak, it's a fact.

    100% wind-powered, Firewinder is unlike anything we've ever seen. By day it's a relatively unobtrusive dangling corkscrew doodah that spins in the wind. But when night falls and the wind blows, it lights up, creating a beautiful spiralling effect. The faster the blow the greater the glow, so in a real gust Firewinder becomes a pulsating pillar of light. It's truly spellbinding and eco-friendly to boot.


    An amazing lightshow... watch a video demonstration here

    Firewinder Mini

    7 LED lights on the
    New Firewinder Mini

    Firewinder's helical wing captures the wind from any angle, and it's so light it will catch the lightest of breezes. Simply attach it to a tree, roof terrace or wall using the included hanging kit (featuring sturdy stainless steel quick release fixing points) and wait for the wind to blow. Failing that get Bono to drop by in his helicopter.

    The tree hugging boffins behind Firewinder hope that it will be adopted as an international symbol of sustainability throughout the world. And although that sounds a bit Chris and Gwynnie it's a great idea, especially when you consider the fact that, in full spin, the ultra bright LEDs embedded in each Firewinder are visible from over 250m. What's more, it is made using as many recyclable materials as possible, and is designed to be disassembled once its life is over. Planet-hating power-sources? Who needs 'em!


    (From L-R) The Original Firewinder and the New Firewinder Mini


    Firewinder Original comes equipped with stainless steel fixing points

    Speaking of tree hugging, Firewinder isn't just about wow-factor visuals; following Buddhist principles it has been designed to spin clockwise to evoke good spirits. If sticking one of these in the garden doesn't make you feel good about yourself, nothing will. Ommmmm!

    Beautifully engineered and built to withstand all kinds of inclement weather, Firewinder will provide years of mesmerising entertainment for conscientious gadget lovers everywhere. Best of all it looks a bit like a barber's pole from Blade Runner. You'll love it, any way the wind glows.

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