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FireText Smoke Alarm
  • FireText Smoke Alarm

FireText Smoke Alarm

Your text is on fire

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    Scale/SIM card

    Insert the supplied SIM card in the alarm

    Getting a friendly text from your smoke alarm to let you know your house is on fire could seem a little bit ridiculous, but that’s exactly what the FireText Smoke Alarm does – in fact, it can text up to four different numbers at once. So how is this useful?

    Obviously, if you’re just finding out by text then you’re probably not close enough to tackle the problem yourself. But this ingenious early-warning system gives you ample time to call the fire brigade – or simply ask a neighbour to double check – before a fire has a chance to take hold. It’s the ultimate way to keep tabs on your home, wherever you are.

    put in place

    Attach using the mounting bracket

    But widening the scope a little, this is also a fantastic device if you have frail or disabled relatives. Just install one of these in their home and set yourself up as a contact. That way you’ll always have peace of mind that they’re safe. On a lighter note, it’s also a very nifty way to find out if your nearest and dearest are smoking in the house while you’re out!

    You can set up the FireText to text up to four separate numbers at once – increasing the chances of a quick response. Plus, you can even personalise your message, so you can carefully word it to avoid panicking the kids. With all this in mind, suddenly this doesn’t sound like such a crazy idea after all. Welcome to the future!

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