Fire Stick

    Fire Stick

    Transport data in style via this chic little sliver of circuitry.

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      For once, both compudunces and übergeeks are in total agreement; the Fire Stick is the most user-friendly USB-related device ever! Resembling nothing so much as an extremely trendy hi-tech lighter, the Fire Stick is a ludicrously simple, ultra compact way to store and transfer your files. In a nutshell, the Fire Stick acts as a "plug-and-play" removable (and bootable) hard drive when plugged into a USB port - no cables, power supply or adapters required!

      Simply plug this funky little fellow directly into the nearest USB port and current versions of Windows/Mac OS immediately recognise it as a removable drive. Even if you're still shovelling coal into Windows 98, you only need to pop in the idiot-proof driver CD (supplied) and Bill's your uncle!

      USB jack revealed

      The Fire Stick is infinitely more convenient than bulky Zip drives, external hard drives and floppy disks. And because this rugged little gizmo has no moving parts it's shock resistant, so it can easily handle the bumps and grinds of everyday life. And let's face it, we've all sat on our fragile floppies at one time or another, if you know what we mean?

      The Fire Stick is ideal for saving work files (useful if you need to frequently transfer data between multiple machines, or enjoy taking work home), MP3s, videos, pictures and countless other applications. It is small enough to fit easily in the palm of the hand and its sleek and sexily tactile casing gives it a genuinely James Bond-esque appearance.

      Fire Stick in action

      Speaking of super snoops, the Fire Stick can also be encrypted via your own secret password. So if you do happen to mislay it, nosey parkers will be unable to access your files. You can even use it as a bootable drive, which could be really handy one day. You never know. Small enough to pop on a keyring, rugged enough to take it's fair share of knocks and with enough capacity to be really useful, the Fire Stick really is the handiest thing to hit USB-ville in ages, and no one who owns a computer should be without one. Yes, that means you!

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