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Find The Poo

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Find The Poo
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Love it as much as we do?
  • The Where’s Wally of the faecal world
  • This dog’s business is very well camouflaged
  • It’s up to you to find it in this hilarious puzzle book
  • Not as easy as you think it’s gonna be!
  • At least you don’t have to pick them up


Think you’ve got good eyesight? Think again, this hilarious book is here to put your peepers to the test.

Can you find the poo in these pictures? It’s much harder than it looks, you’d be amazed at how well turds camouflage. And when you do find them, you’ll start to question your existing preconceptions of what a poo ‘should’ look like. Brown? Long? Sausage shaped? Not always.

That poor dog’s owner, having to scavenge around in the dirt to do the honorable thing and scoop the poop. Be thankful this book doesn’t have smell-o-vision.

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  • "Good quality, sturdy book. Each page was a challenge to find the dog poo. Good joke present!"
    - 6th of September, 2019