Film 2 SD Negative Scanner
  • Film 2 SD Negative Scanner

Film 2 SD Negative Scanner

Check out your mullet without a PC

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    Film 2 SD Negative Scanner

    No need for a computer!

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could convert old 35mm negatives and slides into pristine digital pics without a computer? Well thanks to the Film 2 SD Negative Scanner you can do exactly that. You can even view your digitised handiwork on its built-in LCD screen and pop the lot directly onto an SD card.

    Of course you could always get your negatives processed at a photo lab (assuming you can find one) but that would first involve squinting at each titchy image and binning the ones of you playing Swingball wearing your MC Hammer pantaloons. Much quicker to just pop ‘em in this mains-powered miracle and push one button. The whole process takes a couple of seconds. You can even mirror, flip and rotate images on the move.

    Inserting the SD card The different slide holders Film 2 SD Negative Scanner

    Insert your free
    SD Card...

    Use either the Roll film holder, Slide holder or Rapid slide feeder

    The onboard computer converts and saves the image to your SD card!

    Film 2 SD Negative Scanner plugged into a PC

    Plug into a Mac or PC via USB

    Once you’ve previewed and scanned your negatives and slides (and got over the embarrassment of seeing dad’s flares) simply pop the card into your mobile phone, digital photo frame or card reader-equipped TV. And if you can’t keep away from your computer you can drag everything into your PC or Mac (yes, Mac) via USB. Brilliant!

    The Negative Scanner comes complete with a 2GB SD card capable of storing around 700 pics at a resolution of 9 megapixels. It’s also compatible with Micro SD and SDHC cards up to 8GB. So, theoretically, you could digitise your entire collection in one sitting. And because you don’t need a computer you can pop round Auntie Flo’s and convert her ancient negs on the spot. In fact, assuming you don’t know anyone with a history of snapping their privates, this highly portable gadget will be a hit wherever you may roam.

    Newly created digital picture in a photo frame

    View old pictures in your digital photo frame!

    Without the Negative Scanner it’s quite possible you could go to your grave having never revisited that long-forgotten shot of your be-mulleted mate pulling down his stonewashed jeans at whatsername’s house party. And that would be a crying shame. Well wouldn’t it?

    1) Instructions, 2) TV Output cable, 3) Cleaning brush, 4) Film 2 SD Pro, 5) Power adapter, 6) USB cable,
    7) Rapid slide feeder, 8) Slide holder, 9) 2GB SD card, 10) Roll film holder

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