Fill Your Own Christmas Crackers
  • Fill Your Own Christmas Crackers

Fill Your Own Christmas Crackers

Tiny nail clippers not included

Product not available at the moment.


    different colour crackers

    Box includes 4 gold, 2 purple
    and 2 silver crackers

    Let’s be honest, Christmas crackers are usually a bit of a let-down. Especially after you’ve spent the morning opening amazing presents from friends and loved ones – a pair of tiny nail clippers or a diddy screwdriver set just doesn’t really dazzle. But that’s Christmas crackers, right? They’re always rubbish. Well no, as it happens.

    Now you can control what goes into your snappy Christmas treats with Fill Your Own Christmas Crackers. As the name suggests, there’s no glue and sticky tape involved. These ready-made crackers just need you to pop a present inside. Open one end, add your present (and supplied hat and joke, if required), then tie it closed with the included ribbon. Your guests won’t even notice you’ve meddled with them!

    Perfect for delivering an unexpected item of jewellery, tickets to an event, or just an explosion of loose jelly babies – Fill Your Own Christmas Crackers add a welcome twist to your Christmas dinner.

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