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Fighting Grandads
  • Fighting Grandads

Fighting Grandads

My old man's a nutcase!

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    Here at Firebox we love old geezers. With their tall stories, short fuses and love of tea and toffee, what's not to like? Well okay, some of 'em do go on a bit, and singing the praises of boil-in-the-bag haddock 24/7 can be rather dull. But that's nitpicking. The point is old blokes rock. So to celebrate this inescapable fact may we present Fighting Grandads.

    Fighting Grandads

    Codger wallop

    Hot on the carpet slippers of Racing Grannies, these hilarious wind-up pensioners are the funniest things to hit old codger-dom since Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau went head to head in Grumpy Old Men.

    Fighting Grandads
    Sold in pairs, each Fighting Grandad comes equipped with a comedy shopping trolley and regulation walking stick. Simply place the clockwork whingers face to face, wind 'em up and watch as they battle it out with flailing walking sticks. Last man standing wins.

    To add to the hilarity, Fighting Grandads are decked out in classic old man day wear: raincoat, red cardigan, jauntily angled hat and a pair of what look like elastic-waisted trousers hoisted up to the chest, Simon Cowell-styley. Any more realistic and you might feel inclined to make the defeated grandad a cuppa.

    Fighting Grandads
    Fighting Grandads make great little desktop companions and they're ideal for settling inter-office disputes. Just select your favourite grandad and let battle commence. You can even add to the realism by playing a few Vera Lynn classics in the background and putting a powdered jelly in the dinky shopping trolley. If you want.

    Fighting Grandads

    Is this a wind-up?

    Whatever the outcome you can bet your bus pass you'll be unable to stop winding-up these tussling old timers. Live fast, die young? No thanks. We'd rather grow old disgracefully and spend our twilight years waging war with our walking sticks. Until then, Fighting Grandads will do nicely.

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