Ultrasonic RC aerial attack craft

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      Just when we thought the world of RC aviation was starting to look a little lacklustre, in soars this pugnacious flying phenomenon to reignite our flagging interest and get us racing down to the nearest park faster than you can say "Klunk - you invent me a thingamabob that catches that pigeon or I'll lose my job!"

      Sonic Combat Module

      So what's so dastardly exciting about Fighterbird, then? Well, in a nutshell, this amazing RC aircraft can actually shoot down fellow Fighterbirds. As in properly shoot them down - crash, bang, wallop, eat the grass-styley! So now, as well as looping the loop, dive-bombing and generally terrorising other park goers, you can join the Manfred von Richtofens, Douglas Baders and, er, Snoopys of this world by becoming a genuine flying ace.

      Control unit

      Thanks to its ingenious sonic combat module, Fighterbird can engage in full-on ultrasonic dogfights with up to five other pilots. A button on the nifty handheld RC unit allows you to fire a focused, ultrasonic blast at rivals over 50ft away - not easy whilst you're simultaneously piloting your Fighterbird and dodging blasts from every direction.

      Dogfight visualization

      When hit, the stricken plane emits a squeal and its motor is disabled for 10 seconds. Don't get too cocky though, because if your opponents manage to stay airborne for over 10 seconds, power will automatically come back on, and they'll be back in the fight! Top Gun and Top Fun!

      Fighterbird and accessories

      Fighterbird comes complete with a high capacity rechargeable battery pack, giving flight times of around 15 minutes, and includes both mains (AC) input and 12v (DC) input chargers. Flight time between charges is around 15 minutes.

      Add to all this the Flight Trak control system, that allows even complete beginners to successfully fly the Fighterbird and you're looking at the perfect purchase for Iceman, Maverick and Goose wannabes everywhere. Flight suit, Aviators and Kelly McGillis not included.

      Dogfight Twin Pack

      Obviously the Fighterbird only comes into its own during aerial combat, and you can't very well fight yourself, can you? Our Dogfight Twin Pack special allows you and a friend/sworn enemy to buy a matching pair of these magnificent flying machines and save nearly a tenner into the bargain! We have six different frequencies available, so if you order more than one Fighterbird we will ensure (where possible) that each plane is a different frequency.

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