Fibre Flare Micro Duo Red Light
  • Fibre Flare Micro Duo Red Light

Fibre Flare Micro Duo Red Light

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    helmet scale

    Small enough to fix to your helmet

    Just like the Fibre Flare Duo White Light (except that it’s red), the Fibre Flare Micro Duo Red Light makes sure you’re absolutely unmissable when you’re cycling at night. It might look like the world’s brightest glowstick, but this battery powered beauty can be switched on and off as you need it. Clip it to the back of your bike and the omnidirectional light can be seen from up to 200m away, making it an ideal replacement for traditional single-direction lights.


    So versatile it can fit almost anywhere on the bike

    But how does it work? Well, two high intensity LEDs – one at each end – light the fibreoptic core. This core then distributes the light evenly along its length, making it look like the entire unit is glowing. And the best part? Because the core is made entirely from fibreoptics, the whole thing is flexible! So you can bend it to sit comfortably in any position on your bike.

    Fabric clips at either end of the Fibre Flare let you mount the light anywhere you like. You can even strap it to clothing or a backpack for maximum visibility. Take one of these wherever you go, and you’ll be sure that motorists will see you.

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