Festive Snowballs
  • Festive Snowballs
  • Festive Snowballs

Festive Snowballs

Snow fun to be had outdoors

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Festive Snowballs
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Brand spanking NEW
  • All the fun of a snowball fight without the cold
  • As if we’re ever going to see a decent snowfall ever again
  • Guaranteed fun from the moment you open ‘em
  • Eight snowballs you can throw again and again and again
  • No need to refrigerate, duh


Save yourself from frosty fingers this year with this infinitely reusable set of snowballs. We know how much you like recyclable stuff and, unlike regular snow and the polar caps, this stuff never melts!

Hit your friends in the face with snowballs over and over and over without having to scrape the weird grotty slush off the ground in desperation. No matter what the weather is looking like, you’ll have infinite snowball fun indoors, away from the harsh winter winds and any unseasonal snow-preventing sunlight.

Just don’t try to build a snowman with them and you’ll have a whale of a time.

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