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Ferrofluid Venom
  • Ferrofluid Venom
  • Ferrofluid Venom
  • Ferrofluid Venom
  • Ferrofluid Venom
  • Ferrofluid Venom

Ferrofluid Venom

Stuck in the middle with goo

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Sh*t Hot right now
  • Prepare to be seriously mesmerised
  • Dive into the fascinating world of fluid dynamics
  • Full of nano-scale magnetic particles that YOU control
  • Includes ultra-powerful neodymium magnets
  • Definitely the world’s best magnetic fiddle toy


What do you usually fiddle with? A stray piece of hair? That ring you always wear? Some random unsatisfying junk on your desk? You and your anxious hands deserve better.

Like this mind-blowing toy! It’s as addictive as it is simple - just pop one of the two included neodymium magnets on the side of the bottle and watch the blob of blackness instantly gravitate towards it, forming a funky spiky dome.

Drag it around, make it dance, but you ain’t seen nothing ‘til you add the second magnet. The blob will be indecisive about which way to go, morphing and creating unique patterns as you shift the magnets around. There are so many ways to play with this thing, you’ll still be discovering new ways to taunt the goo after a year of every-day fiddling.

Certainly makes that piece of hair you used to play with look a bit rubbish… Please note:
  • Recommended for ages 14+
  • This is not a toy for children!

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