Fendor Bendor Mudguard
  • Fendor Bendor Mudguard

Fendor Bendor Mudguard

Your fixed-gear friend

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    unfold and crease to stiffen

    Unfold the Fendor Bendor before use

    Sure, it’s unlikely you’ll ever take your fixed-gear bike up a mountain or (heaven forbid) off-roading, but even city streets can get pretty wet and filthy after heavy rain. And if you’re not careful you can still end up covered in puddle mud. Of course you could get some big mountain bike mudguards, but who wants those ugly things destroying the looks of a beautiful track bike?


    Simply wrap around the seat tube and clip onto the seat stays

    That’s where the Fendor Bendor Mudguard comes in. Designed to be as lightweight as possible, this ingenious bit of plastic will spend most of its life tucked away in your bag. But on that fateful day when the heavens open it’ll be an absolute godsend. Just unfold and clip it into position through your seat stays and over your rear wheel and it’ll catch any crud that’s flung up as you’re pedalling along. When you get home just unclip, wash and return it to your bag; ready for the next downpour.

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