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F*cking Strong Coffee Liqueur

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F*cking Strong Coffee Liqueur
This is only available at Firebox!
  • Taste-matched to our F*cking Strong Coffee blend
  • Smells and tastes f*cking divine
  • None of the sickly sweetness found in other coffee liqueurs
  • Delicious over desserts or sloshed into a pot of cold drip coffee
  • The new renegade ingredient in your Espresso Martinis
  • Created by Firebox
Seasoned coffee drinkers and classy booze lovers rejoice – we've created Fucking Strong Coffee Liqueur.

Whereas most other coffee liqueurs are unpalatably sweet; we've taste-matched this gourmet spirit to our signature F*cking Strong Coffee blend and it tastes f*cking sublime. Delicious sipped neat on the rocks, poured liberally over desserts (boozy Affogato anyone?) or cheekily added to a pot of cold drip coffee.

Although brimming with complex coffee flavours, this bold liqueur is virtually caffeine free!* So if your Espresso Martini addiction is keeping you up all night, you can switch out the shot of espresso for an extra glug of Fucking Strong Coffee liqueur!
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