F*ck That's Hot!
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  • F*ck That's Hot!
  • F*ck That's Hot!
  • F*ck That's Hot!

F*ck That's Hot!


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F*ck That's Hot!
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  • This book ain't f*cking around
  • 60 deliciously-spicy recipes to bring tears to your eyes and joy to your heart
  • Including Nashville hot chicken, Ghost pepper kimchi and Sriracha buttered shrimp
  • Reward (or punish) your tastebuds
  • Written by former MasterChef contestant, Billy Law


F*ck That's Hot! ...is what all those other weak-tongued fools cry as you tuck into yet another tasty spicy meal. If you're 'that' person who always carries around a bottle of Sriracha or Tabasco, this book is for you!

Written by influential food blogger and former MasterChef contestant, Billy Law – this blazing bible is filled with 60 hot n' spicy recipes including (drumroll please...).

  • Nashville Hot Chicken!
  • Ghost pepper kimchi!
  • Sriracha buttered shrimp!
  • Chicken vindaloo!
  • Thai beef salad with bird’s eye dressing!
  • Sichuan dan-dan noodles!
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  • "Wife and I love hot food and cook a lot too... this is possibly the BEST hot spicy food book we have ever had, it is absolutely brilliant!"
    - 29th of April, 2020