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F*ck Puzzle
  • F*ck Puzzle
  • F*ck Puzzle
  • F*ck Puzzle
  • F*ck Puzzle

F*ck Puzzle

Gettin’ f*cking jiggy with it

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F*ck Puzzle
Love it as much as we do?
  • Four f*cking puzzles in one
  • Put the pieces together to make each letter of the word F*CK
  • You know how a f*cking jigsaw works
  • Not for kids unless you’re willing to wash their mouths out with soap
  • Finally you can retire nan’s Coronation Street 3D puzzle ball


Calling all Sweary Maries, Profanity Petes and Trigger-Happy-With-Bad-Language Trevors: puzzle night has been upgraded!

Go blind trying to connect the pieces of the brand new F*CK puzzle - it’s four jigsaws in one, so it’s great for group puzzlin’ or when you get pissed off with one bit and need something else to focus on.

This isn’t any old F*CK either, it’s a typographically stunning F*CK. Perhaps the most beautiful F*CK of your life. And complex, too. At 500 pieces, it’s not a walk in the park. You have to earn this F*CK.

Your old jigsaws have bits missing and half the pieces are damaged from someone angrily forcing them together - you deserve a games cupboard refresh, so pop this in your cart. Or, you know, f*ck off.

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