Fatboy Rockcoco Outdoor Chandelier
  • Fatboy Rockcoco Outdoor Chandelier

Fatboy Rockcoco Outdoor Chandelier

We’ve come over all 18th Century

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    Fatboy Rockcoco Outdoor Chandelier in the garden

    Take your living room outside!

    Way back in the days of Louis XV, Rococo was all the rage (no not Robocop, read it properly). This much-loved style was all about making things look as decadent and elaborate as possible – just for the sheer fun of it. Well in these austere times it’s nice to shake things up with a little blast from the past. And leading the charge for the light brigade is the Fatboy Rockcoco Outdoor Chandelier.

    Resistant to the elements and magnificently over the top, it’s a great way to bring a touch of glamour to your outdoor soiree. The transparent plastic body hints at the opulent chandeliers of the past, but in the dark – with the LED lamps lit – it’s difficult to make out the whole thing. Giving it a mysterious air, that will captivate your guests far more than any fancy chocolates. Eccellente!

    Close up of the LED lamp

    LED lamp

    What’s more, looping through the design are iconic red cables, making the Rockcoco Outdoor Chandelier a fascinating feature in daylight, or at night. So if you’re planning to dine out in the garden, or think your house party might spill outside, forego the fairy lights and just hang up a chandelier instead! It’s what Louis XV (and Robocop) would have wanted.

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