Fatboy Hot Water Bottle
  • Fatboy Hot Water Bottle

Fatboy Hot Water Bottle

It’s hip (and warm) to be square

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    Fatboy Hot Water Bottle

    Fatboy Hot Water Bottle

    It’s hip to be square. Just ask Cliff Richard. Actually don’t bother. He spends most of his time ironing his neck in Barbados where hot water bottles are generally surplus to requirements. We digress. The point is this stylish reboot of the classic hot water bottle is square, as opposed to, well, hot water bottle shaped.

    Designed by Fatboy, creators of the smash hit jumbo beanbag, the Fatboy Hot Water Bottle is foam cushioned for extra snuggle-ability and swathed in a bold red and white checked cotton cover. Use it indoors or outside. It’s perfect for snuggling on the sofa or keeping toasty in the back garden when the sun goes down. Planet hating outdoor heaters? Shame on you! 
With a unique inner design the square water bottle, made from 100% rubber, is specifically designed to fit within the square, velcro-sealed cushion. Your bum will love you for it. But with all this talk of squares you’d be forgiven for thinking we were aiming this squarely at squares. Au contraire. Hot water bottles are totally decadent, especially when they are, erm, square.

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