Fat Bird
  • Fat Bird

Fat Bird

Excess fat? It’s for the birds!

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    Fat Bird
    Don’t pretend you dispose of leftover cooking fat responsibly. You chuck it down the sink, naughty. And so does everyone else judging by the state of our glunged-up sewers. With this planet-hating fact in mind, allow us to present, with a tweet and a peck, Fat Bird.

    Fat Bird Fat Bird Fat Bird

    Pour in left over fat

    Add seeds and string

    Refridgerate to set

    Fat Bird

    Yummy treat

    This charming little kit lets you get rid of excess fat by using it to make cakes for birds (feathered variety, obviously). Simply place the string in the reusable funny feet mould, pour in your cooled fat, add the included seeds and pop the entire shebang in the fridge. Once it’s solid, turn out your cake, hang it in the garden and watch in eco-friendly glee as the birds peck away.

    The entire family will love making fat cakes. What’s more, you can bulk out your cakey creations with kitchen scraps (nothing too salty, mind). Your branches/windowsill will soon become the in-place for all manner of tweeting wildlife *insert Stephen Fry joke as required*. Best of all you can tell everyone you ordered a Fat Bird off the internet.

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