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Fast Track Race in a Case
  • Fast Track Race in a Case

Fast Track Race in a Case

Formula Fun

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    Fast Track Race in a Case

    Race in seconds!

    Real F1 drivers don’t waste time clicking countless bits of track together. They get their mechanics to do it for them. Because let’s face it, slot racing is far more exciting than the real thing. But now, thanks to the amazing battery-operated Fast Track Race in a Case, you’ll be tearing up the tarmac (well, the plastic) anywhere you fancy in seconds.

    Simply flip open this supremely portable case, slot together the compact figure-of-eight circuit, line up the sub-Eccleston-sized cars, grab your hand-throttle and prepare to go head-to-head with the nearest Jenson wannabe. Thrilling? This is overall-wetting stuff!

    The bridge Squeezing the gun-remote Clip-on railings

    Tiered racetrack

    The remote: squeeze for speed!

    Simple 'clip-on' railings

    With no complicated set-up you’ll be rocketing around the racetrack faster than you can say ‘Kobayashi’s just overtaken Alguersuari on the Curva del Serraglio’. A lot faster. And when the boss/wife/team manager walks in you can simply fold up the entire shebang and hide it under your ‘to do’ file. So stop stalling: Go! Go! Go!
    The track from above

    The view from above

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