Farmland Alarm Clock
  • Farmland Alarm Clock

Farmland Alarm Clock

And on that farm he had a…

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    Farmland Alarm Clock

    The view from above the farm

    Being woken up by binmen, can kickers and car alarms sucks. But that’s life in the big city. So why not wake up to barnyard bedlam with the whimsical Farmland Alarm Clock. Moo-oo!

    Brilliantly silly, this wacky waker upper is one-hundred percent ding-a-ling, beep-beep and buzz free. Instead it moos, baas and clucks you out of boboland. Baaa-rilliant!

    Better still, in order to shut the infernal thing up snoozers must remove whichever animal corresponds with the din from the picket-fenced ‘pasture’ and slot it in above the large LCD display. Ee-i, ee-i…no!
    Farmland Alarm Clock

    Whichever alarm mode you choose to use the Farm Animal Alarm Clock will definitely wake you up!

    If fumbling about for plastic cluckers at stupid o’clock doesn’t appeal you can always switch from Selective to Random mode. That way you can deactivate the alarm using any animal you fancy. It’s just like being in the sticks but without all the ooh-aarring, Morris dancing and cider drinking. (Twine belt and combine harvester sold separately).

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