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Farfalloni Pot Grips
  • Farfalloni Pot Grips
  • Farfalloni Pot Grips

Farfalloni Pot Grips

Protective Pasta

Product not available at the moment.
  • Protect your fingers from hot pans with this giant pasta accessory
  • Made from heat-resistant silicone and super easy to clean
  • Slightly 'Al Dente' – just the right firmness for gripping pan handles
  • Replace those revolting food-covered oven gloves of yours


There's no doubt that your kitchen contains a pair of woefully disgusting oven gloves; usually half burnt, with the insulation hanging out and covered in crusty food remains. Why would you slave over such exquisite dishes, only to serve them up with these horrific mitts? You need the Farfalloni Pot Grips.

These larger-than-life pasta accessories are made from heat-resistant silicone so they'll keep your delicate fingers nice and burn-free. Perfect for draining spaghetti or carrying hot saucepans to the table, and because they're super easy to wipe clean you can proudly display them on your kitchen counter.

So throw those tired old oven mittens away and get your hands on this beautiful protective pasta.

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