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Fantome Clock
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Fantome Clock

Tick-tock in a transparent block

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    Close up of the clock cogs

    Clock watching just got cooler!

    Despite today’s eye-popping technology, there’s something unfathomably fascinating about old-school clock mechanisms. And when they are encased in something as beautiful as the Fantôme Clock they become utterly mesmerising.

    Crafted in glass and steel, this award-winning designer clock features a mirrored backplate so you can see the rear and front of its skeletal analogue mechanism every time you check the time. The illusion is as stunning as it is fascinating.

    Thoroughly modern with a nod to traditional carriage clock design, the Fantôme (or ghost) is guaranteed to ramp up the wow factor wherever you choose to place it. The only downside is that you’re liable to be late on a regular basis because it’s impossible to tear yourself away once you start gawping.

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