Famous Magical Unicorn Mask
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Famous Magical Unicorn Mask

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    Of course, we’ve all seen pictures of The Famous Magical Unicorn (TFMU). Over the years he's been spotted at all sorts of world events (and the occasional snooker final). Silent. Watching. Judging. But who is this mysterious observer? What is he looking for? And why is he so intent on #unibombing everybody's photographs? Sadly, we may never know.

    Eyewitness accounts are often vague and unreliable. Some say he appears from nowhere, and vanishes just as quickly. Others say he walks amongst us, disguised as a regular person. Some say his coming is heralded by a double rainbow. And some even speculate there’s more than one.

    As seen at:
    Snooker Background

    UK Snooker Championship Final (2009)

    Boxing match

    Ali vs Frazier (1971)


    JFK's motorcade

    Well there is now! Thanks to the Famous Magical Unicorn Mask you can continue the legacy of this enigmatic watchhorse. Perfect for events large, small, public or private, this detailed replica of TFMU’s face makes #unibombing possible for us mortals. Just don the rubbery headpiece, complete with realistic unicorn hair, and step into his legendary shoes (metaphorically speaking).

    Pop up in the crowd at festivals. Brighten up the background of live television broadcasts. Casually stroll into other people’s photographs. There is so much to see – and so many photos to be seen in!

    the last supper

    Da Vinci: well known for unibombing his own paintings (1498)

    Ever curious, ever vigilant – the task of The Famous Magical Unicorn is a thankless one. But now it’s one we can all share.

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    • "Actually amazing, I love that it uses the nostrils for eyeholes! Perfect for scaring friends on Skype."
      Casey - 5th of October, 2015
    • "You have no idea how much pleasure this has brought to our household... if only you could see the photographs...."
      Nadine - 17th of July, 2015