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Family Guy Mini Figures
  • Family Guy Mini Figures

Family Guy Mini Figures

Freakin’ sweet!

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    each box is blind packed so who will you get?

    Who will it be? Every box is a mystery!

    With a martini-sipping dog, matricidal baby, bozo son, misfit daughter and socialite wife, Peter Griffin's family is not exactly normal. Then again Family Guy is no normal sitcom. So why not celebrate its twisted satirical brilliance with a few Family Guy Mini Figures.

    Brought to you by designer toy gurus Kidrobot, in association with Seth MacFarlane, this highly collectable 15 character range of 3" vinyl mini figures features some of Quahog's most notable citizens, from Cleveland Brown to Seamus the Fisherman. 'No, me father was a tree.'

    Collect all 15 of them:
    all the characters plus two mystery ones!

    Stewie, Lois, Peter, Chris, Meg, Seamus, Monkey, Death, Cleveland, Joe, Herbert, Brian, Quagmire & 2 "chase" figures!

    3 inches tall (which is 7cm to you metric people

    Each figure is roughly 7cm tall

    Complete with a cool accessory and insert card, each figure is blind boxed so you never know which character you’ll receive (Herbert? Freakin' sweet!). But that’s what makes collecting them such fun. So hurry up and get ordering or, as Stewie might say, 'One day your uppance shall come!'

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