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Family Guy In Your Pocket
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Family Guy In Your Pocket

I've gone and soiled myself! Happy now?

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After the success of the original "Stewie in your Pocket" we're delighted to present the followup from everyone's favourite misanthropic dog Brian. Includes phrases such as "Whoa, Ass Ahoy", "I'll Be On Your Bed; No Calls" and "Whose Leg Do You Have To Hump To Get A Dry Martini Around Here".


    If you're a fan of Family Guy you'll know that the funniest character in the entire animated shebang is Stewie Griffin. That's because this evil little imp has a single ambition: total world domination. And that's pretty impressive for a one-year-old who still soils himself on a daily basis.

    Family Guy In Your Pocket With his increasingly camp British accent, American football-shaped bonce and hilarious one-liners, Stewie has cult hero written all over him. And that's undoubtedly why he's now been given the talking keychain treatment. Yes, baby talk fans, the Stewie In Your Pocket Talking Keychain is a pocket-sized electronic gizmo that allows you to enjoy the withering wit of the world's most malevolent toddler whenever and wherever you want. Simply press a button and you'll hear one of six classic Stewie quotes.

    Hear Stewies' utterances by clicking the links below: Family Guy In Your Pocket

    Family Guy In Your Pocket Needless to say, the comedic value of this nifty little device is immeasurable, even if listeners are completely unaware of the fact Stewie celebrated the anniversary of his escape from his mother's 'cursed ovarian Bastille' by attempting to assassinate her with chocolate grenades. Indeed, if it wasn't for Stewie's lack of toilet training and reliance on 'parentally provided sustenance' he would have already gained complete control of the world!

    And it's ridiculous character traits like this that make Stewie so supremely quotable. So don't put up with pub bores who keep getting their one-liners in an infernal muddle. Zap 'em with a genuine Stewie quote and silence them for all eternity. If you don't you shall rue this day. Well go on, start ruing!

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