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Fairy Jars
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Fairy Jars

Jar jar twinks

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Fairy Jars
Love it as much as we do?
  • Humanely captured fairies
  • Charges by day, twinkles and sparkles by night
  • Solar powered: these fairy friends are eco AF
  • Suits a witchcore gothic aesthetic as much as a pretty pastel one
  • No batteries, no cables!


Some mysterious little lights have taken up squatting in these adorably rustic jars we left out, so we thought the only appropriate thing to do would be to sell them to you lot.

These lovely “fairies” live in a solar powered jar - charge them up in the sun by day, watch them twinkle at night! Say goodbye to cumbersome cables and bothersome batteries - the sun is the only power source you need to create magically soothing ambience in your home or garden. The fairies like being in the garden most of all, especially if you’re having a nice dinner party on the patio.

Each set contains two gorgeous jars of light - one in yellow and one in pink. They’re in there out of their own free will, so there’s no mystical creature cruelty here. Just remember to feed them the UV rays they so desperately crave and we won’t call the RSPCA on you.

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