Fairy Berries
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Fairy Berries

Seeing is believing

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    Fairy lights are all well and good. But when you need to bring your entire garden, room, or venue to life, the logistics (not to mention cost) of so many sets can be a nightmare. That’s when Fairy Berries really shine.

    Close up Decorate ornaments Make your garden magical

    Open up and pull the tag to light

    Decorate ornaments

    Make your garden magical!

    Each one of these 2cm diameter balls has a single LED inside. Switch it on and it’ll fade on and off gently. So far so unremarkable. But switch all of them on in this way and dot them around your garden or room. Once the sun has gone down the area will look alive with gently glowing orbs, like fireflies. Or even fairies...

    Place them in bushes, hang them from trees or even pop them in a pond or water feature. Fairy Berries are 100% waterproof and they’ll even float the right way up – which reminds us, these can be pretty spectacular in the bath, too! Tie fishing line to the recessed hooks in Fairy Berries to hang them up. Each berry should glow for approximately 20 hours when left on but it is possible to remove 1 battery and store it in the top half of the shell, to keep the batteries from touching and effectively turn them off until used again. Fairy Berries’ combined effect around a garden or venue is so magical, it has to be seen to be believed.

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