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Fail Stickers
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Fail Stickers

Failure? Stick it to ‘em!

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    Showing the transparent backing

    Transparent backing

    According to Hollywood screenwriters, failure is not an option. Sadly, real life seldom mirrors life in the movies and most of us experience failure on a daily basis. But why waste time dwelling on your own inadequacies when you can snigger at other people’s. It’s easy with Fail Stickers.

    Failblog example

    A failblog example!

    Inspired by, the cult blog that celebrates failure by defacing embarrassing photos with whacking great FAIL signs, these high quality 6”x3.5” stickers feature the site’s four favourite ego-deflating letters, in bold Impact font on a transparent background.

    Armed ready with Fail Stickers

    Armed ready for a fail!

    Armed with a 10 pack of Fail Stickers you can label losers in the real world without hiding behind your laptop. Stick ‘em anywhere you fancy: on a collapsed colleague’s forehead, a mate’s cruddy car, a splattered loo seat, a drunken idiot’s back, a dumped loser’s desk, a fashion victim’s latest purchase – the possibilities are endless. You can even take a photo of the scene and upload it to the Fail site in a ‘life imitating net’ kind of way.

    A bunch of FAILS!

    Helmet FAIL!

    Fragile box FAIL!

    Tricycle FAIL!

    Of course, compassionate, yoghurt-knitting critics might argue that revelling in someone else’s misfortune is cruel. And they’d be right. But who cares? You’ll be too busy pointing, laughing and clicking away to worry about your victim’s feelings. Life’s a bee-atch. Get over it.

    Placing a Fail Sticker on a dirty plate

    Another FAIL identified!

    Yes, we suppose you could get busy with a marker pen, but identifying random failure with a professionally crafted, no-nonsense sticker makes it all the more official. Besides, scrawling childish graffiti across some poor sap’s gear is far too easy (they said, whilst plopping the cap on a big felt tip).

    Talking of four letter words, we think FAIL could quite possibly become the nation’s favourite. So hurry up and hit the Buy button before you end up empty handed and covered in stickers yourself.

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