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Changing faces

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    When we first heard about the Fabric Clock we envisaged some squishy Teletubbies-style thing for kids. But how wrong we were, because this highly innovative timepiece is actually an extremely chic desktop/bedside alarm clock that can be customised to suit any décor, mood or trend.

    Brought to you by the people behind the similarly ingenious Wooden Clock, this unique device tells the time by magically beaming digital numerals onto its fabric face. So far, so impressive.

    But here's the really extraordinary bit: the Fabric Clock's face is interchangeable so you can watch time go by on any material you fancy - a scrap from an old T-shirt, a curtain off-cut, a swatch of designer fabric, a bit off your kilt (well, you never know), a patch off those stonewash jeans you wore back in the 80s - the possibilities are endless.

    Crafted in walnut veneer and stainless steel, the classy Fabric Clock comes with three swatches of different material to get you started. But this gizmo is all about doing it yourself. We've lost count of the times we've switcherood the face on our Fabric Clock. 'Chav check' is this season's latest look, but before that we had the Motörhead logo pilfered from an old sweatshirt, a few Superman S's taken from a mystery donor's comedy boxer shorts and even Mr Silly crafted from a pair of vandalised Mr Men socks.

    As well as existing patterns/pics, you can also customise a bit of plain fabric with your own designs. Just get busy with the felt tips. Whether you want to create an abstract look, a traditional feel or a pop-art talking point, the Fabric Clock can satisfy your every whim. Oh yes, and it also tells the time. Speaking of which, what time is it? That's right, it's time to cut up some paisley pyjamas and change the face of our Fabric Clock for the umpteenth time this week.

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